Managing customers can be a challenge, especially if you’re in a small customer success team.
The role of the Customer Success Manager is becoming increasingly more important to business growth and is now one of the most critical roles for any SaaS business. There are plenty of software solutions available to help with the process of managing customers, however there is a real lack of analytics being applied to this space, which is absurd in the age where data drives decision making throughout most companies, particularly tech and digital-first companies.

It is critical to have a full customer view, with spotlights into every aspect of your product and service. Whether that’s understanding how your customers are engaging with a feature, analysing the onboarding process or determining what value a customer derives from your product. Using data to understand if your key metrics are being met and your customers are engaged and extracting value from your product is the most important element to ensure your customers’ success, and it will significantly help you to build and grow your business.
But no matter how hard you work to understand customer behaviour and implement strategies to ensure their success, it’s impossible to get it right for all.
Customer churn software is becoming increasingly popular amongst subscription based businesses because it uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to analyse your customer data for you, providing you with the data and analysis to take decisive action to keep your customers and revenue.

Churnly’s software is highly complimentary to existing retention software, as it focuses purely on the analytical side of customer success and delivers the insight to help identfiy why you lose customers and spots those customers weeks in advance of them taking a decision to leave, so you can intervene early and save them.

The saying “Knowledge is power” cannot be more true in this situation. By knowing and
understanding the trends towards your customer’s behaviour, Customer Success Managers are empowered  to make accurate decisions and see into the future to ensure the success of every customer.

When it comes to maximising your overall business growth, customer churn software is highly
Bringing new customers into your business can cost ten times more than maintaining your existing
customer base. This fact alone justifies the reason why so many businesses are building Customer Success Teams and Churnly’s customer churn software is built to help you manage subscription based customers, and keep them!

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